Ponca Enterprise Gaming announces

forward progress of Fancy Dance Casino

Construction began this month


Perry, Oklahoma (May,  07 2019) – Officials with Ponca Enterprise Gaming, LLC (PEG), a subsidiary of the Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma, today announced the selection of companies to continue progress on the new Fancy Dance Casino near Perry.


Timberlake Construction has been selected as the general contractor for the project. Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates, PC (FSB) is the architect and the engineering firm is CP&Y, Inc. All three companies are based in Oklahoma City. Cardinal Engineering, based in Woodward, Oklahoma, is the project’s civil engineer.


“The new Fancy Dance Casino will be a source of revenue and stable employment for the Ponca Tribe and residents for years to come,” said Ric Lonsinger, PEG CEO. “The selection of three Oklahoma-based companies is a prime example of how quickly it will begin making a difference for Oklahomans. We’re proud to be the source of such great economic impact not only to surrounding counties but also to our tribe’s members.” 


The 10,000-square-foot facility will house nearly 290 electronic gaming machines. The casino is expected to employ approximately 90 full- and part-time employees when operational.


"This process was started in 2010 with the help of the late Jess Green, I appreciate all the hard work the LLC and the attorneys have put into this project to make it come to fruition,” said Chairman Douglas Rhodd. “The people of the Ponca Tribe will benefit from the economic growth created by the Fancy Dance Casino, and we can't wait for the opening."


Global Gaming Solutions is the developer and consultant for the new casino. GGS has opened  more than 30 casinos and placed or managed more than 50,000 electronic games at facilities across the country.


“The expertise Global Gaming Solutions brings to the Fancy Dance Casino ensures future patrons will have the best possible experience when they visit,” said Lonsinger. “We’re happy to have the opportunity to work with leading industry experts, and we look forward to providing a top-notch entertainment experience to residents and visitors.”


Construction on the casino as scheduled began early this month and expected to take approximately nine months, pending any construction or weather delays. The facility is located approximately 10 miles north of Perry near the intersection of Interstate 35 and U.S. Highway 412.



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Alaina Herrera 2018/2019 Ponca Princess

Ponca Princess Applications are available now click here

The Ponca Tribal Princess serves as an Ambassador, not only to the Ponca Tribe of Indians Oklahoma, but to all Tribal Nations, as well as other Cultures. She will represent herself with grace and dignity, at all times. She will be required to be present at all Tribal Functions, and at any Native American events/celebrations. Each contestant will be judged in 4 categories. Each category will be worth 5 points each, with a total of 20 possible points. The categories are as follows:

‐ Essay/Interview

‐ Traditional Dress

‐ Public speaking

‐ Dance

She will be required to participate in the interview process that will be conducted Thursday, August 22, 2019. (Time and place will be announced at a later date.) The final requirement, will be a dance competition, that will be held at the main arena, the first night of the Ponca Pow‐wow, Thursday, August 22, 2019. At this time, each contestant will be given the opportunity to speak publicly. (A greeting in the Ponca Language will be sufficient, but is not required.)Following the public speaking, each contestant will be judged on her dancing ability. After all events are complete, the final tally will be totaled, and the New Ponca Tribal Princess will be crowned, that Thursday night.Each contestant must meet eligibility requirements in order to vie for the title of Ponca Tribal Princess. They are as follows:

‐ Must be between the ages of 14 – 21

‐ Must be an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, OR Descendant thereof.

‐ Must be attending High School, a High School Graduate, or Equivalent, or attending a College or University

‐ Must reside in Oklahoma‐ Must be Single. (Never been married or co‐habitated)

‐ Must never had children‐ No visible piercings, or tattoos

‐ Must have knowledge of Ponca Culture and Heritage

‐ Cannot hold another Title from any other organization

‐ Must submit 100 word or more, Essay, with personal Biography, stating why she wishes to be the Ponca Tribal Princess.

Applications may be picked up at the receptionist desk at the Ponca Tribal Affairs building in White Eagle, or you may contact me and I can send via email, at the address below. The application along with the Essay, will be due NO LATER than Saturday, August 3, 2019.

Please submit applications to:

Sophia BigGoose

P.O. Box 2101

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(if submitting through email, the originals must be submitted to me at a later date)

OR mail applications to:

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(They can also be hand carried to Judi at her home in White Eagle. The Parsonage at the Ponca Indian United MethodistChurch. *only give to her*).