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Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma

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145th Annual Ponca Celebration/Powwow


The Ponca Tribe invites the public to our Annual Celebration and Powwow August 26th thru Sunday August 29th. Activities will begin with a Mourners meal Wednesday evening at 5:00pm at the Tom Roughface South Arena followed by a Handgame and reception honoring our Princess Nadia Kent.


There will be activities all throughout the duration of the celebration with families introducing their children into the arena, contesting each night concluding with the worlds fancy dance championship and the first annual worlds straight dance championship. Our Comanche Brothers and Pawnee relatives will be joining with our own Ponca He’thoshka Society to tail dance Saturday afternoon which will be something special to witness. Our Ponca singers will be singing some of our old sacred songs and family songs at the south arena that will be both Healing and Spiritually uplifting. Our dance grounds and our whole camping area are very sacred to us Poncas.  


Our Old people told us that we (Poncas) are a Sacred people who have strong beliefs that are tied to our lands and our sacred ceremonies. Because of who we are there are some responsibilities that we owe to ourselves and to God the Creator. An old spiritual sacred law among true traditional natives is; “Whenever the Great Spirit bestows upon you a sacred gift, YOU have a Responsibility to Perform and to take care of Your Special Gift”. We Ponca’s know and believe that this way of life was given to us directly by Wakonda. Other tribes may perform this dance, but this dance belongs to us!


Again, all precautions are to be taken. Much of our community has been vaccinated and there will plenty of wash stations and masks provided. Most of all, if you feel unsure and uncomfortable attending, then please remain home or wherever you feel safe. Most of all, if you don’t feel well, by all means stay home. May the Great Spirit continue to bless our Ponca People.




Oliver Littlecook, Chairman

Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma 

2019 Fancy Dance Winners from L to R: Cecil Gray, 4th Place, GrayCloud Lieb, 3rd Place, Simon Washee, 2nd Place, and Ryland Moore, Ponca Fancy Dance Champion with 1st Place

2019/2020 Ponca Tribal Princess

Hello, I am Iní thabí (She too whom they flew for safety). My name is Nadia Lynn Kent. I am a descendant of the Ponca Tribe and of the Wa’zha’she Clan. I am the great granddaughter of Lucy and Garland Kent, Sr., daughter of Curtis and Francis Primeaux and sister of Lexia and Alec Kent. My family, also, includes the late Emily No Ear Kent, and descent from Chief White Eagle and Chief Standing Bear.

I am 20 years old and attend Northern Oklahoma College. Also the President of the Northern Thunder Club. I am studying Elementary Education. My future career goals include pursuing a career within the Educational Field. I would like to follow in the footsteps of my grandmother, Lucy, she was a Title VII Counselor and helped many children during her service.

Previously, I served as the 2017-2018 Ponca Tribal Princess, this experience motivated me to pursue an education I can use to serve the Ponca Nation. I enjoyed the time I served and the memories I have will last a lifetime alongside the friendships and relationships I made. I know that my previous experience has prepared me for not only an ambassadorship, as Ponca Tribal Princess, but will allow me to assist in enhancing the image of the Ponca Nation. This includes sharing a greater understanding of the Ponca Nation’s historical and cultural influence amongst members of all tribes and non-Natives, alike. The future is always built upon our history and as the Ponca Tribal Princess I would like to continue to build upon my personal history, as well as, the Ponca Nation’s. I am very honored to be selected. I am very thankful for all the encouraging words from the Ponca people. I know I will enjoy my year and new travels.


Nadia Lynn Kent