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                              Ponca Tribal District Court

The District Court of the Ponca Tribe holds court sessions three times a month, or as scheduled by the presiding District Court Judge. The Ponca Tribe Child Support Enforcement program has an active docket also; cases are heard once a month.


Probate hearings with Judge Rhea, are also heard at the courthouse on a tri-monthly basis.

Dockets for all court hearings are placed throughout Ponca Tribal business buildings and in the lobby of the courtroom.


This Court hears Criminal, Civil and Juvenile cases respectively on their day of the month.  The Court can only hear criminal and civil cases arising within the territorial jurisdiction of the Ponca Tribe, however, you may consult with an attorney to determine whether or not our court has jurisdiction to hear your case.

                             Phone (580) 762-0381

                              Fax (580) 765-8050

                            206 Starting Point Drive

                             Ponca City, OK  74601


                                     Court Staff

                       Judge                                D.C. Revard

                       Court Clerk                         Tina Montanez

                       Prosecutor                          Fera Terrell

                       Publice Defender                  Monica Maple

                       Guardian Ad Litem                Trisha Archer

                       Child Support Attorney          April Buck

The Court clerk is NOT permitted under ethic codes and court rules to do the following:

Provide legal advice

Interpret court rules

Help prepare arguments

Type pleadings


Please do not ask the court clerk to provide any of the services listed above. You should consult or retain an attorney for assistance or any questions pertaining to legal procedures, filings, petitions or pleadings.

The court clerk can do the following:

Provide forms for petitions and pleadings

Answer questions concerning filed and scheduled pleadings

                              Downloadable Court Forms 

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Entry of Appearance and Waiver

Petition for Emergency Protective Order

Petition for Guardianship

Petition for Temporary Custody