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White Eagle Health Center

In the late 60’s a dentist and dental assistant working out of an empty building located in the heart of the White Eagle Indian Community comprise the White Eagle Health Center. In the mid 70’s the tribe build a clinic leasing it to the Indian Health Service and later expanded the facility. In 2000 the tribe utilizing PL 93-638 compacted the clinic and its administration and has been successful in its operation for the past seven years.



The facility administrator is responsible for providing the overall administration & direction of the clinic in providing quality healthcare services to its patients. Ext. 103
Funding Source:

The Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma is a PL 93-638 compacting tribe receiving 3.1 million dollars to assume the role and responsibility of providing the same quality healthcare services provided by the Indian Heath Service.


Staff & Services:

The WEHC has a staff of thirty professional and supportive members dedicated to providing healthcare service to eligible tribal members using the WEHC as primary source of health care. The WEHC offer a wide range of healthcare service: however, for service not provided by the WEHC our facility uses a referral system in conjunction with the Indian Health Service.  
Goals & Objectives:

To provide quality healthcare services to its tribal members and other tribal members who reside within its service area by maximizing the funds received through its annual funding agreement with the Indian Health Service.


Hours and Days Open:

Five days a week from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Exceptions are legal holidays and bad weather. Closed on Thursday morning’s diabetic clinic. Closed Thursday afternoon for administrative purposes. x 111 or operator.



To be eligible for healthcare services a patient must possess a tribal CDIB card as proof of enrollment with a federally recognized Indian tribe or a CDIB from your home agency. Non-Indians may be eligible for service if they are:


            Non-Indian women is carrying an Indian child.

            Commissioned Corp personnel and their dependants.


For further information concerning eligibility please call x 111.or x 106 or operator.

If you do not have a medical chart established at the WEHC you must provide the following information:  Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood from your tribe or your home agency.  If you are eligible a copy of your Medicare/Medicaid or Private Insurance card

Each time you make an appointment to see the doctor you will be asked to provide the same information

 Medical Clinic Patients must make an appointment to be seen by the doctor, optometrist, podiatrist, specialty services and dentist. A limited amount of walk-ins will be seen each day. Ext. 111

All medications must be prescribed by the WEHC physicians. After hospitalization or emergency treatment prescriptions will be filled provided a WEHC physician approves them.

For medication refills the patient must call or go to medical records and request h/her chart be sent to the pharmacy for refills. If the patient is present at this time h/she may be asked to wait to the end of the day so that medications for patients with appointment can be dispensed. If the refill is called in the patient medication (s) will be ready in 2 working days. If the patient does not have a refill in h/her chart h/she will have to make an appointment with the doctor for refills. Ext. 137.


Dental Department:

The dental assistant makes all dental appointments. Children and diabetics are given priority. Emergencies will be evaluated and treated if deemed necessary by the dentist.



All optometry appointments are made by calling optometry technician. Children and diabetics are given priority. Emergencies will be evaluated by the optometrist and treated if deemed necessary by the optometrist. x 110
Special Diabetes Program:

The SDPI provides diabetes & nutrition counseling and provide diabetic supplies to eligible patients. For further information call Ext. 144 or Ext.143


Podiatry Program:

The SDPI provides podiatry service and exams through a contracted podiatrist at the WEHC call Ext. 144 or Ext.143.



Request for Laboratory test must come from the WEHC physician. Ext. 131.


Pawnee Benefit Package Program:

The PPBP program provides hospital care, obstetrics care and emergency room visits. within specific guidelines. Eligibility and enrollment is processed by the PBPP staff at the Pawnee Indian Clinic in Pawnee, Oklahoma.


Contract Health Service:

Contract Health Services provide specialty healthcare not available at the WEHC or Pawnee Indian Clinic. Contract Health Services eligibility and payments are determined by the Indian Health Services at the Pawnee Indian Clinic. 918/762/6506

Public Health Nursing Public Health Nursing services are provided by the Pawnee Indian Clinic to be eligible you must have an established medical chart at Pawnee. (918)762-6724.

Mailing Address:  20 White Eagle Drive, Ponca City, OK  74601

Physical Address:  200 White Eagle Drive,