MISSION STATEMENT: To help prevent and manage diabetes for all White Eagle Health Center patients through total body wellness that encompasses a strong mind, body, and spirit. Empowering individuals to build healthy families and communities.

The Ponca Tribe Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) is located within the White Eagle Health Center in Ponca City OK and is operated through the SDPI community directed grant. Toma Hunter, MS, RD/LD is the Diabetes Program Coordinator and Beverly Brown, LPN is the Diabetes Nurse for the program. The diabetes program focus is on providing diabetes education with an emphasis on healthy weight, blood sugar control, blood pressure control, and good nutrition with healing foods. We collaborate with the medical clinic through diabetic day which is offered every Thursday morning. Our role in the diabetic clinic is to provide diabetes self care education, a balanced breakfast, an individualized education consult, and diabetes supplies.  Patients that complete their diabetic day check-up are eligible to receive incentives such as a voucher for walking shoes, prescription eyewear, healthy cooking items, diabetic socks and lotion, exercise items, and diabetes supplies to support self management. We also offer community outreach and educational events aimed at diabetes prevention and management.



Diabetes Program Sponsored Events and Activities



Walking Program : Participants complete an assessment, receive a pedometer, and track their walking logs to monitor their steps or distance. Participants turn their walking log in every two weeks and check-in quarterly to track their progress and receive incentives for participation. Participants are given a physical activity assessment before and after starting the walking program, and they receive an individualized exercise and/or wellness goal. This program is ongoing throughout the year.

Group Education Classes : The diabetes program has continued to offer group diabetes education classes using an evidenced based curriculum called DEEP (Diabetes Empowerment and Education Program). This program covers the following topics: Diabetes and the body, nutrition, exercise, monitoring diabetes, medicines, and coping with stress. Participants receive incentives for class attendance and these items are given to help them meet their health goals regarding nutrition and physical activity.  Each set of classes consists of 6 sessions, and participants must attend each weekly session to complete the program and receive their wellness incentives.

Youth Outreach : The diabetes program provides activities aimed at diabetes prevention with the youth program. We offer information on healthy cooking, nutrition, and physical activity to promote wellness of mind, body, and spirit.