Philosophy of Treatment

The Social Development Center believes and operates with the philosophy that chemical addiction and abuse is a disease which can be treated, (it is not a moral issue). With this belief and conviction we set our goals for the following: Provide a comprehensive and professional program designed to show a positive outcome in recovery when treating Native American males and females that are 18 years and older, which suffer from chemical abuse or addiction. Any client accepted into our program must have a thorough medical examination to determine their health status and possible physical damage due to substance abuse. A psychological evaluation will be made to determine the clients total health, body, mind and spiritual needs.

SDC Admission Criteria

  1. Native American males and females eighteen years old and older.

  2. Must have a Tribal CDIB (Certificate Degree of Indian Blood).

  3. Must have a complete physical examination (print out for Hepatitis Profile and Tuberculosis test).

  4. Complete psychosocial evalution (if out of service area).

  5. Proof of detoxification or proof of five days of sobriety.

  6. Must comply with rules and regulations of SDC.

  7. Court papers if client is court ordered.