The Ponca Tribal Youth Program is for Ponca children (Šᶖgažᶖgά). The ultimate goal of the Ponca Tribal Youth program is to aim at providing a healthier lifestyle for Ponca Youth in order to prevent high rates of teen suicide, delinquency, truancy, school drop-out, alcohol and substance abuse. Leadership development will be provided for prevention and intervention purposes in areas of education with relevant activities for peer pressure or counseling services. A Youth Active Leadership and Liberty ("Y'ALL") Organization will be developed with principles consisting of:

1. Leadership - teaching children leadership skills and living up to their potential and rewarding them by their actions with organizational power, community recognition, and empowering activities.

2. Liberty - mentoring youth how to end the cycle of violence and contribute to Ponca culture through advocacy, leadership, community work, spending time with family, and carrying on Ponca lifeways: values, democracy, arts, language, and ceremonies.

Tribal Youth Events